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There are so many training techniques available to us… But after you’ve bought the new gear, read the books, and “converted” to a new way of doing…  Are you still wrestling with the same questions, frustrations, and challenges with your horse? 
Has being with your horse becoming any more joyful... for either of you?

There is one simple truth at the root of creating any partnership with our horses....

And it starts with a way of being... 

Dear Friend,

I’m so excited to be bringing the Creating Magic© Series to a wider audience. Back in 2013, when I published the book “The Alchemy of Lightness,” with my co-author- people really weren’t ready for the concepts we laid out for them.

It was in a lot of ways, ahead of it’s time, at least for mainstream adoption.

But today, more than ever, I meet riders and horsemen of all types and backgrounds who are looking for more of a way of being more connected with their horses, rather than a new training technique.

They’re asking questions about the meaning of “obedience” versus “cooperation.”

They’re looking around for ways to connect with their horses with more depth.

There’s more of an understanding that how we come to our horses has as much impact on how and if we reach our goals with them as the actual training we put into them.

And so I’m all the more excited to share the first installment of the Creating Magic© Series, Step 1: The Philosophy of Magic.

I’m so grateful to my friend and student, Kim White, for giving me the nudge to make this happen. This course was originally filmed as a series of private interviews for the high-end business mastermind Kim runs. 

It is so rare for me to get on camera without a horse - where I’m most at home. But Kim saw so many parallels between the philosophy I share with my students and the business world, she insisted that we record this series for her mastermind members. 

It seemed a little strange at the time, to be talking horses for a group of people who have never had the joy of smelling fresh shavings and soft noses… But it turned out to be such an opportunity.

We were able to cover topics - some of them personal or sensitive - in a way that is simply impossible to do when I’m working directly with a student - and share them in a “safe” format, where students can take in these ideas 

- at a pace that is right for them
- in the timing that is right for them
- and to the degree that is right for them right now. 

And then they can come back for more as they are ready.

I’m forever grateful to Kim for pushing me to create the first Step in this way, because otherwise, I’m not sure it would have been as successful, or had the kind of impact it has.

To date, over 10,000 people have taken Step 1 of the Creating Magic© Series, and applied it to their lives, businesses, and horses.

I’m so grateful to finally be opening this program up to a wider audience and my fellow equestrians at large by offering this online course. 

Below, you’ll find an interview I recently did with yet another student, about what I believe it means to “Create Magic,” what it looks like (hint: you don’t need to buy any new equipment or “switch religions” in your training), and what I think is ahead for the future of horsemanship.

I hope you’ll take a listen, and if it resonates with you, I hope you’ll consider adding Step 1 of Creating Magic© to your own learning library.

In gratitude and lightness,

Dr. Maria Katsamanis

Dr. Maria Katsamanis' work has been featured in Equestrian publications worldwide... 

And now, for the first time, her teaching is available right in your own living room...

This is a philosophy that can benefit anyone

For centuries, the horse has been our partner Thru Time...

Centuries with the horse has meant that they have been our partners in time, helping us build civilizations and join us on the battlefields. Our horse and human connection is natural, it’s

They were necessary then, but they are just as necessary now.

 On a deep level, I come to the horse knowing that not only do we need them, but that they too enjoy being with us….when we come with the right spirit.

There are learnings from our past together that can help us forge a deeper bond today

Learn a powerful mindset, a way of being that will improve your partnership and help you make better training decisions every day

And when we cultivate that mindset, not only do our personal lives change for our highest good... We see our horses start to partner with us, to work towards our goals together.

There is Magic in every single one of us. If only we're willing to see it.

Introducing Creating Magic:
The Philosophical Foundation

This series of low-key, interview-style lectures invites you to the discussion as we delve into the key philosophies of Creating Magic. 

Broken into 30-minute, bite-sized segments, we go on a journey together, discovering that what's missing from otherwise wonderful training programs and horse-human relationships is actually a way of being - not another training technique or system.

As such, this content can be applied to any training program, discipline, and horse. It is truly “non-denominational.”

My hope is that you’ll join us with an open heart and mind.

What you'll learn...

Lesson 1

The Universal Language

As humans we have spent centuries with the horse, building civilizations and working together in the fields. We have a shared history - and an ability to instantly plug into each other. In this module, you'll discover the shared language we share with all mammals.

Lesson 2

The Recipe for Magic

Every recipe has some key ingredients. Can you imagine having carrot cake without the carrot? Or a chicken soup without the chicken? Creating Magic is no different. In this lesson, we'll discuss the two key ingredients to creating magic.  Without them, you can create something that LOOKS like magic - but it just isn't the same!

Lesson 3

Mindfulness invites Magic

In this video, we delve deeper into understanding why presence is such a key component to this creation. Our ability to be in the hear and now and STAY there is the oil that runs the engine. 

Lesson 4

Creating the Happy Partner

I'm so happy to see you!!! What are we going to do together? Imagine that this is what your horse says when you arrive every day. In this lesson, we dive into what it means to reconnect with our horses as co-creators & how to create a partnership you're both excited about.

Lesson 5

How to "Be Equals" with a 1000 pound animal

In this lesson, we'll discuss what it means to partner with a 1,000 pound animal as equals. For many people, the idea of "equals" can be extremely confusing. In this lesson,  we'll redefine what it means to be "equal partners" and what that means for the process of creating magic with out horses.

Lesson 6

Developing Timing & Feel

 When we watch brilliant horsemen creating magic with their horses, it can look like a special gift. In reality, it's the mastery of a could of skills that are learnable and accessible to us all! In this lesson, we'll discuss the elements of timing & feel - pieces of our horsemanship that we will forever be cultivating and refining!  

Lesson 7

The 3 "Magic" Questions

Relating to your horse in a way that makes them WANT to come closer to you is as simple as asking them three fundamental questions I teach all of my students. Make these a part of your everyday barn ritual & watch how things begin to transform!

Lesson 8

The Universal Language

So often, we spend our time trying to train the animal instinct OUT of our horses... But what if we actually needed to be training it BACK into ourselves? In this lesson, we discuss how to tune into our own animal instincts and use them as part of the universal language between us and everything around us (including our horses).

Lesson 9

The Power of Ritual -- vs Routine

Creating rituals is yet another fundamental element inviting magic into your connection. In this lesson, you'll learn the difference between ritual and routine, and how to use them to set you and your horse up for success before every ride.

Lesson 10

Time to fly!

You're ready to create Magic with your own horse! In this lesson, we'll summarize all that we've learned together, and remind you - you're entitled to a 20-minute personal phone consultation with Dr. Maria to answer your questions or troubleshoot specific needs between you and your equine partner.

What's Included in Creating Magic: The Philosophical Foundation

  • Over 4 hours of lectures: provided through our easy-to-use online course center
  • 10 Modules of bite-sized 30-minute, interview-style lecture and 
  • Follow-along material that will ensure you leave with key points you can take to your horse immediately
  • Bonus: A 30-minute phone consultation with Dr. Maria to answer YOUR questions and help you apply what you've learned to your own horse!

About Your Bonus Content


A 30-minute consultation with Dr. Maria

Connect with Dr. Maria 1-on-1 for a 30-minute phone consultation and get additional insights, tailored recommendations, and more. 
  • Fine tune your understanding of the material
  • ​Get specific guidance on how to apply what you've learned to your horse, barn situation, & goals
  • ​Get personalized exercises to support your individual journey with your horse
Due to Dr. Maria's international clinic schedule this special bonus may only be available with Creating Magic for a limited time. If this material resonates with you, this is the perfect time to add Creating Magic: The Philosophical Foundation to your library and reserve this special bonus offer for you and your horse!

Bring Dr. Maria & Creating Magic: The Philosophical Foundation into your living room

With 8+ hours worth of practical learning, for less than half the price of most 2-day clinics.

  • Creating Magic - The Philosophical Foundation: Over 4 hours of lectures provided through our easy-to-use online course center (Valued at $250)
  • Bonus: A 30-minute phone consultation with Dr. Maria to answer YOUR questions and help you apply what you've learned to your own horse! (Valued at $75)

Total value = $325 

(if you attended enough of Dr. Maria's talks to get all of this information.)

Your price: $197

(and you don't even have to leave your living room)
To get started, simply click the button below and you'll be taken to Dr. Maria's online course center, where you will be prompted to "Create an Account" before proceeding the checkout.

What Dr. Maria's Students have to say about her Philosophy & Methods

The ideal relationship between a horse and a human would be a place where they are both physically and mentally comfortable. I have deep respect and admiration for my friend, Dr. Maria Katsamanis Her sensitivity to the horse, her compassion and above all, the regard she has for a horse’s dignity, are unique and hard to find in the world of horse sport. I usually don’t do this but reading as many FB posts as I do, written by people who are unhappy with the care and training of their horses, here is a recommendation for a trainer who will help your horse to a remarkable place in life and help you in developing the kind of relationship you have always dreamed of having with your horse and partner. - Ralph Suarez

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this course delivered? Do I need any special apps or technology to access it?
Creating Magic and all of your Course Bonuses are delivered through our easy-to-use online education portal. As long as you have an internet connection, you can access the online course portal from any device - your laptop, desktop, phone, or tablet!
How long will I have access to the content? Can I work at my own pace?
By purchasing Creating Magic: The Philosophical Foundation, you have lifetime access to the materials in the course and the Bonuses! 

There is a lot of material here... What is the best way to work through it all? 
Great question. While there is a lot of material, it all builds on each other. I recommend starting with Creating Magic: The Philosophical Foundation, and working through the modules in order the first time. Each is about 30 minutes long. Because The Philosophical Foundation references the Timing & Feel Interviews, we've included them, so you can easily access them when prompted.

Horsemanship Basics 101 can be viewed either as a prequel to Creating Magic or after you've completed the initial course. It's a perfect complement either way.

Most students find that after they've gone through the program and begin applying what they've learned to their time with their horses, they often want to come back and revisit certain modules or sections as their understanding shifts or their interests are piqued. Lifetime access to the material means it will be here for you as your journey evolves. You'll always have it to reference!
Who is this for? Do I need any special skills?
This class is available to all, but especially to those that want to change their relationship with their horse and create that magic bond by advancing their horsemanship, their "humanship," and their heart.  

You do not need any special skills or experience level. This is truly foundational horsemanship that applies to horse lovers of all ages, riding styles, and skill levels. 
Can this work for my discipline?
This foundational "way of being" with our horses can be applied to any and all disciplines. Dr. Maria has taught polo players, eventers, dressage riders, pleasure riders, and everyone in between. 

Her home-farm in Ringoes New Jersey is filled with students of all types and skill levels, from 70-year old first-time riders and their off-track Standardbreds, BLM Mustangs, draft-crosses, Thoroughbreds, Morgans,  Western-pleasure horses, trail horses, dressage horses, and those who defy description - but just want to enjoy their partners! They all take this philosophy to create a bond and relationship that supports their goals and way of riding - however varied that may be!
Is this hard to teach my horse?
This philosophy class is interesting. It's not just theory - there is plenty of practical application. And yet - it's not something you "teach" your horse. It's a way of being with your horse that yields the change - in both of you! So while there is plenty to do, most of it is about recreating our own habits... and watching the magic begin to unfold as a result. 
I don't ride anymore... Is this something that my horse and I can still use?
Absolutely. This course is about creating partnership, communication, and the resulting "magic" with our horses. Whether you ride or not, this is about being with our horses in a way that creates enjoyment and fun for both of you. You can apply it to any time with your horses, whatever that may look like for you today. However you engage with your horse at this stage of your life, the foundations taught in this course will enhance those experiences for both of you.
I don't want to offend my trainer... Will this clash?
 There is nothing about this philosophy that should clash with your trainer. This is not a training methodology but rather a way of being and approaching the horse ourselves. Everything we do in this program will only support your endeavors with your horse - bringing you together and "onto the same page" so you can work more seamlessly together - in your lessons and outside of them.
Will this make me stand out like a sore thumb? I don't want to look like the "weird" one at the barn...
Not at all. Because this program is so much more about how you approach the horse rather than the specifics of what you do with them, the changes are subtle. What people tend to notice is that you seem to have what they want with their horse - you seem to be having fun. Your horse seems to be enjoying your work. You seem to be enjoying your horse. 

They may ask if you got a new job, a promotion, cut your hair - they just notice that something seems different for you - and that it seems to be doing you good!
What if I have questions about the material?
Bonus #3 is a free 45-minute phone consultation with Dr. Maria, where you can get your specific questions answered, and get personalized recommendations for you and your horse. We also encouraging emailing more philosophical questions in, as Dr. Maria will often answer them for the whole community via her email list (anonymized, of course!). 
Other questions about the course?
Did we miss something? No worries! Simply email Dr. Maria at and we'll get you an answer asap!

Ready to add Creating Magic: The Philosophical Foundation to your library?

Your Course + Bonuses

  • Creating Magic - The Philosophical Foundation: Over 4 hours of lectures provided through our easy-to-use online course center (Valued at $250)
  • Bonus: A 30-minute phone consultation with Dr. Maria to answer YOUR questions and help you apply what you've learned to your own horse! (Valued at $75)

Your price: $197

To get started, simply click the button below and you'll be taken to Dr. Maria's online course center, where you will be prompted to "Create an Account" before proceeding the checkout.

About Your Instructor:

Dr. Maria Katsamanis

Dr. Maria Katsamanis has received worldwide recognition as a horse trainer, clinician, exhibition rider, and author. 

With a doctoral degree in clinical psychology, Dr. Maria uses her education as a clinical scientist to help demystify and explain the elements of the magical formula that are key in establishing the ultimate connection with our horses. 

Dr. Maria's background in biofeedback and psychophysiology is central to her training approach, “Molecular Equitation,”  examines the connection between horse and rider on a molecular level and focuses on improving such basic elements as balance and relaxation, muscle formation, and breathing behavior to dissipate physical blocks and facilitate communication.

Her explanations melt away the barriers and myths that so commonly block communication between horse and rider, so that anyone, regardless of age, breed, or discipline, can create magic with their horses. 

Dr. Maria is known around the world for book, The Alchemy of Lightness, and is highly regarded for her work with the rare Marwari horses. 

A highly sought-after clinician both in the U.S. and abroad, Dr. Maria uses her career in transforming horses and creating soundness in non-profit, Friends For Pegasus, which she founded in 2016 with the mission of rehabilitating "hopeless" horses.

Maria's work has been featured in publications including Dressage Today, Holistic Horse, Sidelines News, Horsetalk NZ, and interviewed by the likes of Jane Savoie. 

With a formal education as a clinical scientist, Dr. Maria's clinical research has been clinical research has been published in Academic Journals, including Biological Psychology, Psychosomatics, & Applied Psychophysiology and Feedback.

Dr. Maria uses her research background to demystify and explain the scientific elements of the horse + human formula where magic occurs - translating abstract concepts into practical terms and actions that every horse lover can use to establish the ultimate connection with their horses.

In addition to her non-profit work, rehabilitating horses through her Friends for Pegasus & supporting Veterans through equine-assisted therapy, Dr. Maria maintains an appointment as a Clinical Assistant Professor at Rutgers Medical School.

This is your journey... Are you ready to begin?

  • Creating Magic - The Philosophical Foundation: Over 4 hours of lectures provided through our easy-to-use online course center (Valued at $250)
  • Bonus: A 30-minute phone consultation with Dr. Maria to answer YOUR questions and help you apply what you've learned to your own horse! (Valued at $75)
To get started,  click the button below and you'll be taken to Dr. Maria's online course center, where you will be prompted to "Create an Account" before proceeding the checkout.
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