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Bonus Bundle Course #1

Horsemanship Basics 101:
A perfect pre-requisite to Creating Magic

This 90-minute course covers a lot of ground, putting you in the front row seat at one of Dr. Maria's exclusive horseless clinics.

Over the course of 12 bite-sized segments, you'll cover some basics of horse & rider biomechanics, comfort, and wellness, including:
  • The hierarchy of needs that determines what kind of partner we can be for our horses
  • The cornerstone behaviors Dr. Maria practices every day to show up as a reliable source of safety, comfort, & friendship to her horses
  • How to evaluate your horse's posture to understand their current level of comfort and balance
  • Basic of biomechanics and what they can tell you about your horse's current abilities, needs, and even behavioral issues
  • ​Why we should reconsider the purpose of lunging and it's value as a "wellness check" for our horses
  • And so much more

Bonus Bundle Course #2

The Timing & Feel Interviews

A complement to Creating Magic: Step 1-The Philosophical Foundation, this series of 4 informal, interview-style lectures with Kim White, are referenced throughout your course, and discuss topics including:
  • Awareness of the energy you bring to your interactions
  • ​Why you should never "settle" in your relationship with your horse
  • Where to start when honing your timing and feel 
  • How to use hope to create create the changes you wish to see
An important component of Creating Magic with your horse, these interviews will help guide your awareness and sharpen your sense of timing and feel to improve the communication between you and your horse as you come together to play.

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