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A little bit of background...

My name is Dr. Maria Katsamanis, and most people reading this are familiar only with my work with horses in general. I am a lifelong horsewoman, an international horse trainer, and avid professional.

What most people don't know is that I have a particular expertise with Marwari horses. My introduction to these horses was as a head trainer for 7 years and an owner of my own Marwari stallion. I had the honor of riding for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee in 2012 at Windsor Castle (England), representing the Indian Marwari. The Marwari horse has helped me evolve as a trainer, and continues to influence the way that I train. I have learned a lot from my connections in the Marwari world, both in India and internationally. In my efforts to share the Marwari, I have aligned with Marwari breeders and created a travel package for horse enthusiasts to travel with me to India, and learn what I have learned in working with these horses and their guardians. My association with these horses, and evolution as a trainer, have given me unique insights to help you with your horse.

I also have a doctoral degree in clinical psychology. While the average person might think of “psychology” as mental health, it goes much deeper than most people realize. 

In my research and doctoral work, I studied the mind-body connection, looking at biofeedback and the mind-body connection to understand anything from helping with depression and physical pain to improving airplane pilots performance under stressful conditions. 

Some of my research articles...

Today, organizations like the Heartmath Institute use these principles and research to help law enforcement, medical professionals, and other high-stress occupations tune into their center and operate clear-mindedly through their fast-paced day to day.

Many of these same principles apply to our horses - and they’re the secret to creating those “Black Stallion” and “horse-whisperer” type relationships with our horses.

-- The relationships where our goals become shared goals.
-- Where our horses are calm and centered - because so are we.
-- And where our horses aren’t “our therapy” - but where we are sources of wellness for each other.

What I came to understand through my research is the scientific basis for how horses and humans communicate - that connection that so often defies words or explanation (especially to non-horse people).

And today, I use inspiration from marwari horses and my research insights to help people and their horses:

  • Connect with your horse at a deeper level.
  • Learn how your decisions can impact your horse’s physical and mental wellness.
  • ​Walk away with an actionable plan that can take you to the next level with your horse.
These principles apply to any discipline, style of riding, level of horsemanship, or goals.

Among my own students, I have riders across the spectrum:
  • Riders who are learning for the first time at 70
  • ​Polo players, hunters, jumpers, eventers, western dressage riders
  • ​Regular trail riders, who want to be able to safely and harmoniously enjoy nature with their horses
  • ​​And those with FEI goals, who want that journey to be a shared, co-creative experience
Back in 2013, when I published the book “The Alchemy of Lightness,” with my co-author- people really weren’t ready for the concepts we laid out for them.

In a lot of ways, it was ahead of its time for mainstream adoption.

But today, more than ever, I meet riders and horsemen of all types and backgrounds who are looking for more of a way of being more connected with their horses, rather than a new training technique.

They’re asking questions about the meaning of “obedience” versus “cooperation.”
They’re looking for ways to connect with their horses with more depth.

And today, there’s more of an understanding that how we are has as much impact on whether we reach our goals as the actual training we put into our horses.

And so I’m all the more excited to share one of the most popular interviews from of my online program, Creating Magic© Series: The Philosophy of Magic with you in this free preview.

In this informal interview-style video, you’ll learn some of the foundation secrets my students use to create truly Magical relationships with their horses

To date, over 10,000 people have taken Creating Magic©: The Philosophical Foundation, and applied it to their lives, businesses, and horses.

I’m so grateful to finally be opening this program up to a wider audience and my fellow equestrians at large by offering this online course. 

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